Artist’s illustrations celebrate America

Artist’s illustrations celebrate America

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Hello everyone! So... I hope you are all prepared for this Sunday’s Fourth of July! We have so much to celebrate!

This statement was written by Ralph Waldo Emerson: On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence gave voice to the revolutionary belief that citizens had inalienable rights and that rulers derived their power from the consent of those they governed. Americans rightly chose this day as their day; and for more than two hundred years, they have honored the tradition with joyous “pomp and parade” as John Adams had so perfectly predicted.

Independence Day is a lot more than freedom from Mother England. It is about a people who live and work to help one another. The book I am sharing with you this week is about an American artist, James Montgomery Flagg. His most famous piece, the World War I poster of Uncle Sam urging “I Want You” gained appreciation of his talents world over. This striking image appears on everything from coffee mugs to T-shirts.

It remains a powerful symbol. As you read through this little collection of vignettes accompanied with thought provoking illustrations, may it be a reminder of who we are. One nation...under God.

Until next time, have a grand Fourth of July!

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Sherry Kline Bolitho

Adult Book

Title: James Montgomery Flagg

Uncle Sam and Beyond


By Nicholas Steward

Publisher: Collectors Press, Inc.

Price: $9.95

Available at the Carroll County District Library

Flagg was born on June 18, 1877, in Pelham Manor, New York. His precocity in art first manifested itself when he was two. Six years later, he began painting landscapes around his family’s summer house in Rutland, Massachusetts. As an adult, his bold style and visual storytelling skill made him akin with his contemporaries while at the same time maintaining his unique expression.