A timely tale of creeping cats and Christmas trees

A timely tale of creeping cats and Christmas trees

Christmas trees find it difficult to spend the holidays in a house with a cat or cats. It’s not that cats dislike those lovely decorated trees. In fact, they love them. They loved them so much that they liked to get up close and personal, and they did.

One year we put up an unusually tall tree and covered it with lots of decorations. It was magnificent. Everyone exclaimed about how beautiful that tree was — until it wasn’t. Actually, our cats only wanted to explore that tree a bit more closely. They just wanted to become a part of all that magnificence. In the process of becoming living ornaments, they managed to topple that poor tree and bring it crashing to the floor.

The cats survived the fall; the tree did not. We had been out shopping, so when we returned, we were stunned by the awful mess where once there had been such magnificence. Our lovely tree had crashed to the floor, spewing its decorations all over the room. Our children were in tears, fearing Santa would not come to a house with a wrecked Christmas tree.

Though we knew the tree was not able to be redecorated to its former glory, we did manage to get it back up. The children were relieved Santa would have a tree under which to leave gifts. We were exhausted from all the clean-up required to salvage what was left of that poor tree. There was no sign of our cats. They reappeared the next day but avoided going anywhere near the room housing that wounded tree. In fact, our cats suddenly seemed to prefer spending time in our dark, rather chilly basement.

Those cats stayed wary of decorated Christmas trees for years. That worked out just fine with us.

Merry Christmas everyone!