At least we never need a storm warning

At least we never need a storm warning

Our dogs can be counted on to react nervously to thunderstorms. Our little pup reacts the same way to the sound of rain on the roof. Both will begin to tremble when they hear thunder, and they can hear it long before we can.

Trembling dogs warn us it's time to close windows, bring in the chair cushions and prepare ourselves for the drama that is coming. When the flashes of lightning begin to accompany the rumbles of thunder, our dogs go insane. The big dog attacks the floor, trying to dig a hole in which to hide. The little dog gets her pillow and paws it all over the room. All the time both pups are barking and moaning. We do our best to comfort them, but they are way too busy being wild and crazy.

All that drama is bad enough during the day, but nighttime storms are even worse. Once awakened, Taller Half and I lose any hope of sleep until the storm passes. Once we tried to shut our bedroom door and let the dogs run amok in the rest of the house. That didn’t work because our hysterical pups then threw themselves against the bedroom door trying to get back in with us. They evidently wanted us to witness their terror insanity.

We have loved many dogs in our time together, and none have reacted to storms the way these two do. Actually, big dog never seemed to notice thunder and lightning until little dog arrived. She obviously brought her storm fears with her and shared them generously with big dog. We believe over time our pups have become competitive in their storm-fear dramatics. Not to belittle their fear of storms, but they do seem to try to outdo each other in the reactions department.

I wonder if there are fear-consulting programs for storm-nervous canines. Calming lessons? Any thoughts?