Clearing valuable space at Christmas

Clearing valuable space at Christmas

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas ahead of us, we have now officially entered the annual “Frantic Shopping Season.” The wise have well-thought lists they plan to stick to while others, like us, have no plan at all for buying gifts, hence the title “Frantic Shopping.”

We do ask our family members and friends what they would welcome as gifts. Unfortunately, their usual response is they have no personal gift ideas, though often they will tell you what they don’t want. That answer puts us squarely back into the Frantic Shopping mode.

Taller Hall and I decided to go shopping this weekend, along with everyone else in our city. Every store we entered had rather long lines at their cash registers. And some shelves were empty of their merchandise. This was not a good sign for gift buyers.

Because we didn’t have a list of ideas for gifts, we were relying on being inspired by ideas presented by the stores. They offered plenty, most of which were out of our price range. With at least 20 family members to be gifted, our budget was extremely strained. And this year has seen a staggering increase in prices for everything.

There were bargains advertised, but 40% off of a several-hundred-dollar price tag was not going to work for us. And the more we shopped, the worse it got. We finally found gifts for the two youngest family members, and that ended our first shopping foray. We took our exhausted selves home and collapsed on the sofa. What to do? Then my Taller Half came up with a brilliant idea.

We would gift our family with things we have collected and inherited over the years. We have lots of stuff we no longer want, need or use. We could wrap up our unused silver and crystal, pottery, china, art, et cetera, and present our relatives with lovely gifts with great family provenance.

And the additional plus for us, besides saving money, is clearing our house of piles of valuable family heirlooms. Let’s start wrapping.