Peace, tranquility and tidiness don’t always happen

Peace, tranquility and tidiness don’t always happen

So how does your house feel this morning? How will it feel later today? What will bedtime be like? Are there pictures of yelling, fussing and struggle in your mind or do you envision calm, peaceful progress?

I suppose many of us would love to have a home with peace, tranquility and tidiness, but it doesn’t always happen. OK, maybe it rarely or only sometimes happens. Perhaps you get one or two but rarely all three at the same time.

In our household we have four adults, two cats, one dog and two parrots. Because of our varying schedules, work and school situations, and other obligations, the human count varies from one to four in the house at the same time. Rarely do the pets have the place to themselves.

Because we all have options to work or study at home, we can have a variety of things going on at the same time. Someone needs quiet for an online meeting or a class. A meal needs to be prepared. House and farm chores are in progress. Noise and quiet can be essential at the same time, which can be a challenge in a home with a very open floor plan.

And did I mention our scarlet macaw has taken up screaming for my husband’s attention? He is her favorite person. She is generally quiet and just mumbles comments occasionally if he isn’t home. Some days it gets so bad our African grey parrot has taken to telling the macaw to be good when she starts fussing.

Oh, and the screaming bird makes our dog howl.

Sounds tranquil, doesn’t it?

So if your home isn’t the picture of quiet serenity, don’t despair. You are not alone.

But let’s face it: Some of that chaos comes from some of our greatest blessings. I’m sure my house would be vastly quieter if I were here alone and didn’t welcome pets. I’d likely have a lot less work to do. But what fun would that be?

With fewer mouths to feed, I wouldn’t need to cook like I run a restaurant. I can eat the same thing day after day just fine, and most of my favorites take little preparation. But the three men, my husband and two adult sons, don’t see it that way. They take care of their own breakfasts and lunches, but the amount of food I prepare daily still seems staggering to me. Most recipes I start by multiplying by four. Lest you get the wrong idea, I also should say they are all tall and trim. They can just burn off an incredible number of calories.

Although I don’t do laundry for my sons because they do their own, I would still have less if I had only mine.

Without the parrots I would definitely have less dusting. The African grey is considered a duster, and the scarlet macaw is known as a super duster. Yes, that’s what it sounds like. They make a lot of dust.

There are certainly lots of tricks and tips for running a home and getting things to go more smoothly. I have read and implemented many and written about more. And by all means, if you feel your home needs more order, do some things to make it happen.

However, I’d like to suggest an even better place to start. Count your blessings. Think about the people and things that bring you the greatest joy. Consider the activities that make you happiest and who you enjoy them with.

I might be wrong, but I’d guess they are probably the same people and things that may be making your home less than tranquil. Sometimes it’s best to smile and embrace the chaos. There will probably be some calm moments along the way to enjoy, but no matter the state of your home, remember to enjoy the people and perhaps pets in it.

By being thankful first, you may find the rest feels more tranquil.