Summer really flew by fast

Summer really flew by fast

Has anyone else noticed how fast this past summer flew by? It was so long awaited and was so welcomed when it finally arrived. Now it’s gone, and fall is here, sort of. Mother Nature is promising more 80 F temps for another week or so, but our gardens have reached maturity and have begun to fade.

Taller Half is not a garden person, especially when the temps are high. He will carry bags of fertilizer, but that’s about his limit. Digging in the dirt is not his cup of tea. Personally, digging in the dirt, planting seeds and watering thirsty plants keeps me happily busy, though I will admit that on really hot days, I have been known to sit in the shade and watch the grass grow. Well, if it’s green, I call it grass even if its real name is weeds. Weeds grow lushly without any help and look almost as good as grass when freshly mowed.

In the next few weeks, fall might decide to move in permanently. The leaves will turn bright colors, the days will grow steadily cooler, and before you know it, Halloween will arrive. That’s a favorite with many people, especially kids. They get to dress up and go around their neighborhoods begging candy. When we were kids, we loved that holiday.

Sadly, winter will follow fall, and it gets cold. Trees drop those colorful leaves all over our lawns, so instead of mowing, we take up raking. Such fun — not. Once the leaves are raked, the snow falls and hides our weed lawn.

But snow requires shoveling, and that is harder work than mowing and planting. Since shoveling snow is not my cup of tea, Taller Half gets to play in the snow with his shovel. I have offered to carry a bag of ice melt outside when he needs it, but Taller Half has assured me he has that covered. Yay!