There have been very few drawbacks to our warm fall

There have been very few  drawbacks to our warm fall

Here we are in the middle of October with flowers blooming and temperatures moderate. Are we still in Ohio?

My gardens are still producing blossoms. Usually this time of year, we have already prepared our gardens for winter and are busy raking leaves from our lawns. So far, there are about 10 leaves on our lawn and our gardens are still bright with blooms. I am not complaining — though global warming is a dangerous event for our planet, it has been just lovely for us, our house and our gardens.

The only drawback to this warm fall is that the grass keeps growing. After last night’s good, soaking rain, our lawn looks as it had grown a few inches overnight. But, if that is the price we pay for such a pleasant fall, it’s well worth it. Unfortunately, the weeds in our lawn and gardens have enjoyed the good weather, too. Actually, our lawn is now pretty much dominated by a huge variety of very healthy weeds. Those weeds which are nice and green and require little care have made our lawn look, from a bit of a distance, very lush.

We are all hoping Old Man Winter follows fall’s example and treads lightly on our land. We know he will bring frigid air, cold winds and blowing snow, but we will be so grateful if his stay is shorter, his vigor lesser and his exit sooner.

Despite the outside discomfort, winter does bring us well loved holidays. So, despite the cold and snow outside, there are warm, happy times inside. We can decorate our houses and fill them with good food, gifts and lots of family and friends.

It may be freezing outside, but inside our warm homes winters can be great.