Balderson experiences Holmes County at its finest

Balderson experiences Holmes County at its finest

Image Credit: Dave Mast

Every year Holmes County Share-A-Christmas receives a lot of help from volunteers who make each annual event a blessing for the hundreds of families who are recipients of the goodwill of the people of Holmes County.

On Saturday, Dec. 10 at the Holmes County Fairgrounds in the Baker Building, a new face drove in for his first experience during distribution day.

Holmes County SAC received some help from Ohio District 12 Congressman Troy Balderson, who stopped by to learn more about the organization, and he not only watched the many volunteers in action, but also became one.

Balderson and his aide Clark Siddle chatted with SAC chairman Bob Porter, SAC Baker Building supervisor Steph Ditmars and other volunteers before heading to NewPointe Church to pick up a couple of family tags.

The two then made the rounds, picking up all the toys and gifts at the Baker Building before swinging down to the Holmes Fire District #1 firehouse, where the volunteer crew was distributing all the perishable food.

“Tis the season,” Balderson said. “As a congressman I want to get out and get involved with the communities I represent, and I’ve heard such wonderful things about Holmes County Share-A-Christmas that I had to come and check it out and see everyone in action.”

Balderson said he was excited to be representing Holmes County after redistricting took place this past year, and while he won’t assume that role until Jan. 1, he said it was never too early to get a jump on connecting with communities in his new county.

“There’s no better way to kick off a relationship than to come here in person and make connections,” Balderson said. “What an incredible operation.”

He said participating in an operation that devotes itself to children is an even greater reason to make the trip to Holmes County.

In talking with Porter, Balderson learned about the SAC operation from start to finish. Porter said the organization was honored to have Balderson participate and told the congressman physically taking the toys and food to homes and seeing the faces of the children light up is something special the two would cherish.

Balderson said he was blessed simply watching all of the volunteers crawling all over the Baker Building like ants working on an ant farm.

“How can you not be impressed?” Balderson said. “I look around here, and it gives me goose bumps watching everyone doing their part to make others happy. Everyone’s here having fun. They’re all excited, and they know they are doing the right thing.”

Balderson said he was so impressed with the operation and the way all of the volunteers were cheerfully going about their business that he might make this an annual excursion.