Beech Creek Gardens to hold ‘Succulents Gone Wild’ fundraiser

Beech Creek Gardens to hold ‘Succulents Gone Wild’ fundraiser

ALLIANCE - Succulents have gone wild at Beech Creek Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve.

The local nonprofit organization has launched a new fundraising campaign called ‘Succulents Gone Wild’ where monetary donations will be met with a unique succulent design, everything from hanging car charms and whimsical dish gardens to gorgeous living wall tapestries and one-of-a-kind succulent masterpieces. Each succulent arrangement includes a ‘wild’ element, such as unique pieces of twisted branches, knotted logs, moss-covered bark, one-of-a-kind rocks, and other earth-art elements gathered from the forest floor of the nature preserve.

Beech Creek Gardens created the new fundraiser because the COVID-19 pandemic has put the independent nonprofit organization into a financial state of emergency and it is in desperate need of operating funds, especially since its summer visitation has decreased by 60 percent.

Beech Creek Gardens is a 501(c)(3) independent nonprofit organization, so they do not receive any tax dollars, but instead rely heavily on admission revenue, membership dues, charitable grants, and critical fundraisers like the current ‘Succulents Gone Wild’ campaign. Beech Creek Gardens has a goal of raising $200,000 with this campaign.

“For how little they need to thrive, succulents are remarkably giving,” said Melinda Carmichael, executive director of Beech Creek Gardens.

“We believe succulents are little superpowers for the environment and our quality of life because of all they do, like helping to cleanse the air, provide oxygen, lower anxiety, and increase productivity by boosting your mood,” Carmichael explained.

The benefits succulents provide align perfectly with the mission of the nonprofit organization which is to help people connect with nature to improve their quality of life, to improve mental and physical health, and to educate and inspire people to help preserve the environment.

“COVID-19 has placed us into a fiscal crisis,” said Carmichael. “We have launched this ‘Succulents Gone Wild’ fundraising campaign to extend our mission of helping to improve your quality of life by offering these succulent superpowers for your home and to raise much needed funds to help keep us open.”

Beech Creek Gardens is encouraging all of its supporters to purchase these incredibly beautiful and unique succulent displays for their own homes, but to also purchase more as gifts to share with friends, family and coworkers, and spread the word about the campaign.

Each succulent design comes with an educational and inspiring gift card explaining the science-backed benefits of succulents, the importance of how connecting with nature improves overall health and well-being, along with detailed plant care instructions to keep the succulents happy, healthy and thriving, just as Beech Creek Gardens hopes to be once again.

The ‘Succulents Gone Wild’ fundraising campaign runs now through July 31. The succulent designs will be available for pickup Aug. 8-12,10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Beech Creek Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve in Alliance.

To support Beech Creek Gardens with donations and order these remarkable succulent designs, visit More information about the ‘Succulents Gone Wild’ campaign, including photos and detailed descriptions of each special succulent design, can be found by visiting