Brad Nyholm is honored by Arts Council of Sugarcreek

Brad Nyholm is honored by Arts Council of Sugarcreek

Image Credit: Dave Mast

The Community Arts Council of Sugarcreek has had a relationship with Garaway High School for many years, with the school displaying every one of the council’s commissioned art pieces in the school’s library.

In addition, the art teachers have been involved with the promotion of the council throughout the years, with longtime teacher Sherry Crilow beginning that relationship.

One of her predecessors, Brad Nyholm, continued that trend, and for his efforts, he was named as the council’s Friend of the Arts for 2022.

“I am honored to receive this award,” Nyholm said.

Each year the Community Arts Council of Sugarcreek recognizes an individual who has contributed greatly to the arts in the community in some form. Areas such as drama, music, dance, visual arts and education are some of the ways an individual can impact the community through the arts, and Nyholm intertwines several of those as the art teacher at Garaway High School.

Nyholm received the award in front of about 100 GHS students in the gymnasium on Monday, Oct. 31 when Council President Scott Gerber presented him with the award.

“Normally, we do this in our arts council setting, but I can say this is the biggest congregation we have ever made this presentation in front of,” Gerber said.

In honoring Nyholm, Gerber said the art teacher promotes artistic value to the young people.

“We feel Brad is very deserving because of what he does for the arts,” said Gerber, who went on to say Nyholm was instrumental in creating an avenue to communicate through virtual meetings for the council members during the pandemic.

“He got a group of 50-plus-year-old people to learn how to Zoom,” Gerber said. “There’s nothing we like more than promoting our youth in the arts, and Mr. Nyholm has done exactly that, and we are indebted to him.”

Nyholm said he had a decent idea the honor was coming his way because he hadn’t been able to attend the council’s gathering in New Philadelphia earlier in October and heard through the grapevine he was in line for the award.

He said his goal as an art teacher is something his art teachers taught him growing up.

“They gave me a place to figure out who I was,” Nyholm said of his art teachers. “When I found the art area at school growing up, I kind of found my comfort zone and felt at home, and that is what I hope I can create for my students. I want to create a space where students can explore their creativity, learn and most importantly learn about themselves.”

Nyholm is a graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design in 2005, with a BFA Illustration from the University of Akron in 2013 and a Master of Science, Curriculum & Instruction, Visual Art Education.

Nyholm is now in his ninth year teaching high school art at Garaway. He has been a member of the Ohio Art Education Association for 10 years, in which time he presented at several of the annual conferences on topics involving technology in the classroom and their many uses to create art.

Nyholm is married to wife Adrienne, a third-grade teacher at Taft Elementary in Plain Local. They have three sons: Lincoln, 16; Vance, 6; and Ezra, 3, with all three boys attending Jackson Local Schools.