Fair sales set record, promote fundraising for 4-H Camp Piedmont

Fair sales set record, promote fundraising for 4-H Camp Piedmont

Image Credit: Teri Stein

It was a record-breaking sales week at the Tuscarawas County Fair with the total of all sales reaching $1,475,381.50, and the fair sale organizers give all the credit to the buyers who attend the sale year after year.

“We have amazing community support from businesses willing to open their checkbooks pretty deep for our 4-H youth,” said Tina Armstrong, junior fair sales coordinator.

There was a record number of hogs at the fair this year, but other factors including the ability to bid online from anywhere contributed along with meat prices being up overall.

“The animals being sold have a guaranteed butcher date, which is a big deal for anyone wanting locally raised meat,” Armstrong said, adding it is challenging to get a butcher date on the books at area butchers that are sooner than a year out.

It’s been a year of transition for the junior fair sales committee. Tina Armstrong and her sister, Jackie Kandel, took over as sales coordinators along with changing over to a whole new computer system. Armstrong said things went smoothly.

“I have worked alongside Dave McCleary, who has been essential for many, many years running the sales. He is getting a much-deserved break,” Armstrong said. “We have big shoes to fill, and we are up for the challenge. We both have kids in the 4-H program and are alumni of 4-H ourselves. We love this program and want to see it thrive and succeed.”

McCleary’s not allowed to go far though.

“Dave has been told we are keeping him on the committee,” Armstrong said.

The total of the 2021 Tuscarawas County Market Livestock Auction held on Thursday was $1,260,286. The total of last year’s market livestock sale was $748,195.05.

The grand champion lamb exhibited by Marshall Miller was purchased by Kiko for $18 per pound. The reserve champion lamb exhibited by Adeline Kendle was purchased by the Carrollton Farmers Exchange Co. Inc. for $28 per pound. The total number of lambs sold was 28.

The grand champion hog was exhibited by Kaitlin Yoder and purchased by Direct Action Inc. for $23 per pound. The reserve champion hog shown by exhibitor Jonathon Domer was purchased by Kendle Farms & McDonnell Farms for $19 per pound. The total of hogs sold was 322.

The grand champion market steer exhibited by MaKenna Oszust was purchased by Kimble Companies for $8 per pound. The reserve champion market steer exhibited by Kaden Conrad was purchased by Saltwell Western Store and Sugar Valley Meats for $5.75 per pound.

The grand champion dairy steer shown by Garrett Quillen was purchased by Broad Run Poultry LLC/Matt Miller and CYA Exchange LLC Carrollton Livestock for $5 per pound. The reserve champion dairy steer was shown by Brock Daugherty and was purchased by Willandale Golf Cart Sales for $3.75 per pound.

The total of market steers and dairy steers sold was 110.

At the Friday afternoon dairy auction, the Kimble Company purchased the first basket for $5,500. Other baskets went to Holmes Ag Service, KLE farms, Mike Yoder and Beck Hybrid for $5,000; Gerber & Sons, Hubner Seed for $6,000; Gordon Milk Transport for $4,500; Dale and Jackie Kandel for $5,000; and Mako’s Market & Pharmacy for $4,500. There was a total of 40 baskets sold, and including donations the total of the dairy sale was $109,150.

The small animal sale was held Saturday, and a total of $105,945.50 was raised.

The grand champion market goat was shown by Marshall Miller and purchased by MD Ag Repair Inc. and MA Miller Farms for $900. The reserve champion market goat shown by Lillian Sproul was purchased by Bailey Cattle Co. for $1,118.

The grand champion rabbit pen shown by exhibitor Rachel Sigler was purchased by Bob Hall and Cronebaugh Auction Service for $1,000. The reserve champion rabbit pen shown by exhibitor Brinley Poland was purchased by Vickers Barnett Realty for $900.

The grand champion broilers exhibited by Madison Burkholder were purchased by TCM Waterproofing LLC for $2,000. The reserve champion broilers exhibited by Chett Troyer were purchased by Mark and Lisa Yoder for $2,900.

The grand champion turkey exhibited by Wesley Schilling was purchased by HRN Construction for $1,300. The reserve champion turkey exhibited by Jacob Harpst was purchased by HRN Construction for $1,250.

The grand champion duck exhibited by Norah Chismar was purchased by Schlabach Printing for $1,100. The reserve champion duck from exhibitor Chelsea Storrie was purchased by Novelis Uhrichsville Works for $1,100.

“A huge thank you to all the 4-H sale buyers and supporters, as well as all of the volunteers who work behind the scenes,” Armstrong said.

Several items also were auctioned off to help support Camp Piedmont, which hosts 4-H camp each year, and highlight a benefit to be held for the camp on March 26 at Buckeye Career Center.

“Camp Piedmont really needs some help,” Kiersten Heckel of the OSU Extension said. “We have been struggling for quite a while. We barely are able to really pay the bills there, and then COVID hit. That really crushed us even harder.”

There are many maintenance projects that need to be taken care of at the camp. Cabins need to be updated, and the swimming pool hasn’t been able to be used since 2018. Plans are to remove the pool and put in a beach so the 4-H campers can still have water activities.

“There is just a lot of general maintenance and upkeep that takes a lot of money that, unfortunately, our camp doesn’t have,” Heckel said.