Finley sees more big things in store for Dalton

Finley sees more big things in store for Dalton

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Every year is about something big in Dalton. At least that’s how it seems these days. This year was no different, and 2023 promises more of the same, if things go well.

In 2020 the village saw an overhaul of Village Hall, with 2021 bringing about some big changes at the wastewater plant. This year the city saw some upgrades in the police department, and 2023 could be all about the fire department.

“It seems as though we’ve done something major every year,” said Dalton Mayor Dennis Finley, whose term will end Dec. 31.

Over the past year, the police department has seen the addition of an outdoor firing range/training area in a secured location on private property, which Finley said allows the police officers to do more in-depth training.

Also added was an individual trained specifically to work with first responders on stress management and things of that nature. This is at no cost to officers.

Still another individual is on hand for first aid and safety training. And with police department members having received that guidance, Finley said it’s possible the trainer may be available for CPR and first aid training for community members.

Also new in 2022 were text alerts for emergencies. If emergencies arise, people who subscribe to the new service will be alerted immediately via text message.

Also new in ’22 was a hair studio and spa in the recently opened LincWay Workspace. An art studio and café also are in the works, and the Wayne County Children’s STEAM Playlab hopes to be opened sometime in the coming year.

“It’s been set back a little bit because of supply-chain issues,” Finley said. “It’s a huge, gigantic building. What’s there so far is immaculate. The beauty shop is operational now, and there is office space available. That’s going to be rented out. There will be a nice kitchen in the back. They designed that properly.”

Something everyone can look forward to and benefit from in the next year is the resurfacing of U.S. Route 30 in the village. Finley said a resolution will be passed authorizing the improvement.

“It’s on ODOT’s schedule,” he said. “Right now you hit these bumps, and it’s like a washboard out there. I’m really looking forward to having them repave it.”

Finley said he has no idea how long that project will take or when it will kick off, just that it’s definitely needed.

If the new fire department goes through, 2023 could wind up being one of the most productive and exciting years the village has seen in some time. It will definitely follow the upgrades of the past few years well.

“If it turns south, people will turn on me,” Finley said of the fire department plans. “If it goes through, they’ll throw me a parade.”