Love INC ‘Comes to the Table’ to celebrate its volunteers

Love INC ‘Comes to the Table’ to celebrate its volunteers

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In a fitting theme for its annual banquet, the Love In the Name of Christ of Greater Holmes County leaders welcomed many supporters, board members and others to celebrate their volunteers during the annual Love INC banquet that took place at Martins Creek Mennonite Church on Nov. 5.

Love INC has blossomed into one of Holmes County’s most influential contributors when it comes to helping individuals and families make connections with organizations that can help them prosper, and the organization also provides many of its own services and programs to help individuals, couples and families gain insight on how to develop better financial responsibilities, showing how they can help themselves rather than simply take a handout.

“Thank you all for being a blessing,” Vicki Conn said to the many volunteers and staff. “Your support and presence is so appreciated.”

The theme for the night was “Come to the Table,” and the Love INC crew put together an image of that concept by inviting a local family up front during the main presentation to sit at the main table placed at center stage.

This family was invited by a local pastor, and he too was invited to join the family at the table. Then came several church members who were vital in encouraging the single mother to invest in everything Love INC has to offer. Phone volunteers joined the group at the table, as did a bevy of other volunteers. Soon the table was packed with people who had individually and collectively touched the lives of this one family.

“It was touching and powerful to see the way all of these individuals were able to impact the lives of this family, and it happens on a daily basis with many families,” Conn said.

Before the meal, tables with each aspect of what Love INC provides were set up in the foyer, and people could visit with representative volunteers at each station. Conn said each table represented a spoke in the wheel of what Love INC has become.

“There was just this great aura of fellowship and conversation that was beautiful to see and hear,” Conn said.

Love INC’s ministries include gap ministries that help fill the gap in its participants’ resource shortcomings, with ministries involving baby ministry, Baskets of Blessings, a freezer ministry, Cleaning Coach, the Linen Closet, School Supply Ministry, Shoes for Souls and many others that make an immediate impact on the lives of families who are willing to accept the guidance, encouragement and prayer each ministry provides.

Wheels of Love is a team of transportation services that helps take people to doctor appointments, social services and other necessary visitations.

The furniture ministry team takes furniture donated by the community and delivers it to those in need. Volunteers pick up furniture, deliver it, clean and organize it in the warehouse, and repair broken furniture.

The Fresh Start programs offer an array of topics designed to engage couples with facilitators who help them grow mentally, spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically.

With classes like Faith & Finance, Practical Problem Solving, Anxious for Nothing, Faith & Fitness and cooking classes, there are a variety of classes in which volunteers can help mentor, coach, provide childcare, facilitate and provide meals for the Monday evening classes.

Conn expressed her gratitude to the many area churches that have become instrumental in both supporting and meeting the needs for each of the church volunteer programs by providing support through prayer, planning events, financial backing, developing relationships in the community, providing professional services and counseling, respite care and many more aspects of volunteering Conn said they could not do without.

“It was wonderful to finally be able to get back together and show our appreciation for our many wonderful volunteers,” Conn said, noting there were 21 different churches represented and more than 180 people in attendance. “It’s neat to see God’s hand at work in the ministry through all of these people.”

Conn said the goal for 2023 will be to continue to sustain and grow the spokes of the wheel. She said they will turn an eye toward developing the transportation part of the organization and seek even better ways to create Fresh Start classes to lead to a more abundant life for the families and the volunteers. She said creating a holistic approach moving forward will help them further develop their mission.

Donations for Love INC include 50% from individuals, 26% from churches, 15% from fundraisers and 10% from area businesses.

To learn more about Love In the Name of Christ, visit them at or on Facebook, or if someone would like to become a volunteer or would like more information on how to help, call 330-473-6017.