O.H.I.O. EXCA celebrates end of racing season

O.H.I.O. EXCA celebrates end of racing season

Image Credit: Silk Studio Photography

O.H.I.O. Extreme Cowboy Association just completed its fourth year of EXCA races as a sanctioned club through Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Association out of Texas. The October race was the EXCA Ohio State Championship at S Bar L Rodeo Arena in Sugarcreek.

Viewers watched numerous runs by horse/rider teams through obstacles of construction zones, saddle bag carries, narrow bridge, rocking bridge, live cow sorting and cowboy curtains, as well as bareback riding and blindfold leading for the more advanced divisions.

Here are O.H.I.O. EXCA riders and how they finished at the EXCA Ohio State Championship:

Young Guns: Olivia Lang, first.

Youth: Dalton Mullins, first; Jordan Scheffler, second; Jordan Scheffler, third on horse #2; Rachel Brick, fourth; and Abby Lang, fifth.

Non-Pro: Danelle Osinchuk, first; Katie Finley, second; and Jennie Bower, third.

Pro: Traci Wade, first, and Kayla Schlabach, second.

Ride Smart: Stephen Oetzel, first; Jennie Bower, second; Kathy Sailer Friley, third; and Elisa Holmes, fourth.

Novice: Sharon Oetzel, first; Stephen Oetzel, second; Alex Hangge, third; Katie Finley, fourth; and Melissa Fitzgerald, fifth.

Intermediate: Dalton Mullins, first; Sharon Oetzel, second; Danelle Osinchuk, third, Jasmine Baker, fourth; and Alex Hangge, fifth.

Green Horse: Kayla Schlabach, first; Katie Finley, second; Rachel Brick, third; and Sharon Oetzel, fourth.

O.H.I.O. EXCA members Stephen and Sharon Oetzel from Wilmington and Becky Jarvis from Sugarcreek were three of several of the club’s EXCA World competition qualifiers who made the journey to Glen Rose, Texas to compete at the EXCA World Championship. Sharon Oetzel and her equine partner Lou successfully competed to make the final 10 of the Novice division.

The end-of-year banquet was held at S Bar L Arena in Sugarcreek with the purpose of fellowship and thanking sponsors and race volunteers with a free meal and awarding high-point club members with a custom-made buckle. The following buckles were awarded to those O.H.I.O. EXCA members who attended at least two of three races and the cumulative points earned were the highest in their division:

Young Guns, Olivia Lang; Youth, Jordan Scheffler; Novice, Stephen Oetzel; Intermediate, Sharon Oetzel; Non-Pro, Danelle Osinchuk; Pro, Traci Wade; and Ride Smart, Jennie Bower.

The club wishes to thank Fishers Council in its mission to mentor urban youth through community service and for providing volunteer support for course resets and other needs.

The following volunteers did not ride but provided their time and energy for score-keeping, announcing, prize set-up, registration, scribing/timing, photography and more: Penny Obernyer, Ashley Blake, Kelly and Ellie Bichsel, Robin Gigax, Steve and Anissa Fuller, Shurina Tucke, Jim Hall, Mr. Friley, and Mr. Horton.

O.H.I.O. EXCA gives special thanks to Stephanie Kame of Silk Studio Photography for the professional service of snapping so many pictures for everyone.

Sponsorships help support EXCA races and practices for the equine community through discounted youth clinic/race entry fees, payment of cattle for races and quality prizes. Sponsors include Weaver Leather, Silk Studio Photography, United Equine LLC, Saltwell Western Store, Kaycee Western Store, Solstice Equine Bodywork, Creek Side Horse Park, EquiPride and EquiLix.

O.H.I.O. EXCA looks forward to planning its 2022 activity and race season. The trailer of obstacles has been moved to the club’s winter home at Riverland Arena in Navarre for a large, indoor and heated space. Club members will hold weekly meetings every Sunday from 1-4 p.m. through April.

For more information find the club on Facebook or call 614-314-9241.