Sept. 11 Meyers Benefit Picnic a chance to give back to givers

Sept. 11 Meyers Benefit Picnic a chance to give back to givers

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When the great wind storm of June 14 blew through Holmes County two months ago, it brought with it countless linemen who worked on the electric lines to get electricity back to the people.

During that time there was a community supper that included many area people who jumped at the opportunity to feed all the linemen who were working overtime.

One of the first to get on board was Kathy Meyers, manager at Foxes Pizza.

Now facing trials of her own, there is an opportunity to give back to Meyers and her husband Dave.

Recently, Dave Meyers started having seizures, and it was found that both of his carotid arteries in his neck were blocked. In trying to curtail the blockage and the seizures, the Meyers have experienced a growing medical bill.

To help them build funds, the community is hosting the Dave and Kathy Meyers Benefit Picnic on Sunday, Sept. 11 from 1-5 p.m. at the Holmesville Conservation Club.

The event will include hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, chips and drinks, and a gift basket auction.

Marge Reisinger, one of the event organizers, said Kathy Meyers has always been a giver, and now is the time for the community to respond in kind.

“It’s been a very difficult time for the whole family,” Reisinger said. “They’ve been to Majora Lane and had many doctor visits. Kathy was so quick to jump on helping the linemen meal, and she has always been so generous in her giving to the community. Now it is our turn to help them through this difficult time.”

Aside from actually attending the meal, there are many ways people can give. The obvious is monetarily, but people also can give in the form of presenting gift cards, gift baskets or other items for the auction. There also will be a 50/50 at the event.

People also can help provide for the meal itself. Reisinger said they still need water or other drinks and desserts like pies and cookies to top off the picnic meal.

Anyone wishing to donate to the cause may do so by calling Reisinger at 330-201-9845. If someone would like to make an in-person donation of any of the above items, Reisinger will be at the Holmesville Conservation Club on Saturday, Sept. 10 after 4 p.m., where people can drop off gift baskets, cards, food and other donations.