Spaghetti benefit to support a boy and his dog

Spaghetti benefit to support a boy and his dog

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The touch of a pup can create miracle results.

That is the hope of one area family and those who are creating a benefit dinner to raise funds to aid the family of Ashton Boley.

On Sept. 10 from 3:30-8:30 p.m. at Millersburg Eagles at 143 W. Jackson St. in Millersburg, a spaghetti dinner benefit will be held for Ashton in hopes of raising funds to train Ashton’s service dog, Glory.

The public is invited to attend this benefit for a night of food and a silent auction.

Ashton Boley is the son of Rachael and Dakota Boley. Ashton was born with a congenital heart defect called ventricular septal defect. His parents were told he would have to get open heart surgery by the time he was 6 months old. But by the grace of God, his little heart healed itself.

They thought this was the end of his health struggles until February of this year when he started having seizures. He has now been hospitalized twice and had many EEGs and neurologist appointments in Akron.

That has created a mountain of medical bills and financial burden on the family, which is why this benefit fundraiser is needed.

“Little Ashton is the sweetest boy,” said Aerie Schlabach, family friend and event coordinator.

“He’s been through so much, and this is an opportunity for him to receive something special that can really be a benefit to him,” said Kathy Schlabach, a family friend. “Our hope is that everyone gets behind this and supports the family.”

Many questions continued to surround Ashton’s struggles, but with their latest hospital stay, doctors and the Boleys came to the realization they were dealing with Doose syndrome, a rare and hard-to-control type of childhood epilepsy. Ashton also is considered severe and drug resistant. He has three types of seizures daily including myoclonic, myoclonic atonic and drop seizures.

“His drop seizures cause physical harm to him, which has left him unable to walk and enjoy his little life freely,” Aerie Schlabach said. “He uses a baby walker at this point and has to wear a helmet at almost all times.”

While diligently trying to find any medications or natural remedies to help Ashton, his family has now been blessed with the opportunity to have a service dog help him through these hard times.

While human compassion is a wonderful thing, sometimes having the companionship of a loving dog can be more uplifting than anything.

“The Boleys now have a loving German Shepherd pup that has been donated to Ashton,” Schlabach said. “Now we just need to raise the funds to have his new best friend trained professionally.”

Anyone interested in donating financially or an item for the auction may do so by calling Aerie Schlabach at 330-763-1361. All the proceeds from the event will go directly to benefit Ashton. Plates of food will be available until sold out.