Team Queen Rolince is now complete as Sydney joins her sisters

Team Queen Rolince is now complete as Sydney joins her sisters

Image Credit: Dave Mast

The “quadfecta” is now complete for the Rolince sisters, daughters of Jeremy and Teresa Rolince of Millersburg.

Team Queen Rolince is now at full force.

When Sydney Rolince was crowned Holmes County Antique Festival queen for the 2021-22 year at the annual queen contest held at Millersburg Christian Church on Sunday, Oct. 3, it marked the youngest and final of four Rolince sisters to wear the queen’s tiara at the festival.

With each sister owning an Antique Festival crown and title, the tight-knit sisters can now sit around the family table at gatherings and share stories and try to one-up each other.

The Team Queen Rolince table was set when eldest sister Alexis (now Didinger) became the 2013-14 Antique Festival queen.

"I guess I’m where it all started," Didinger said. "I had never really considered running, and Emily was the one who was really excited about it, so that kind of was the starting point, and we all ran in the Killbuck Early American Days Festivals. Once I did it, I found out it was really a lot of fun, and I understood why Emily wanted to do it."

Didinger didn’t win her first year out, but she kept at it until she did, and Team Queen Rolince was born, and she said getting to travel with Katrina, who was princess that same year, was a huge treat.

Watching her little sister add to the family tradition this year was special, and Didinger said she was proud Rolince could join the club and share the experience with them.

Didinger was quickly followed by sister Emily, who stepped right into her sister’s footsteps as the 2014-15 queen. Sister Katrina has one big bragging right among the sisters. She was tabbed as the 2013-14 Antique Festival princess, the only sister to attain that goal, and later was named the 2018-19 Antique Festival queen. Last was little sister Sydney, who will fulfill her duties as this year’s queen.

“I’ll always have that over them,” Katrina said. “No, really, this whole experience has been something we will share forever, with lots of great memories.”

Emily said once the structure to run for royalty was set up in the household, it became almost an annual thing, and the sisters' shared joy of the preparation, the excitement of each festival contest and the thrill of representing their festival and their county when touring the state at other festivals and events was something they cherished. Even now she said they are all thrilled for their little sister as she prepares to have that experience.

"Years from now we will all look back at these shared events, and it will always bring a smile to our faces," Emily said. "We’ve always been so close, and this gives us one more thing in life we can share."

Sydney said having all three sisters to guide her through the process was wonderful, and she said Didinger setting the stage by sticking with it in the beginning was key.

“As all of my sisters won and represented the Antique Festival as queen, I got a lot of help from each,” Sydney said. “I owe a big thank you to each.”

Sydney said there has always been plenty of lighthearted ribbing around the kitchen table and beyond, but it always comes back to four sisters who love each other dearly.

As the elder stateswoman, Didinger said that is a joy they can always count on.

“We’re very close, and we get along so well,” Didinger said. “We are sisters, but we are not all alike. We each have our own personalities, and we told Syd at the end of the day, she just has to be herself. She was so composed up there; it was exciting to watch her.”

Katrina said they all had fun helping Sydney work through the queen contest process, and sharing together is something they cherish well beyond the queen contest.

“We still get together Sunday evenings and have dinner at our grandma’s house and play games and have fun,” Katrina said. “My mom always said friends are very good to have, but your family will always be there for you, so being close has always been there for us.”

For parents Jeremy and Teresa Rolince, the joy of watching each of their four girls join Team Queen Rolince has been rewarding, but the girls all said with or without the crowns they would love and cherish one another just as much, and that is what matters the most.