Troy Miller Agency mails in a winner for the kids

Troy Miller Agency mails in a winner for the kids

Image Credit: Dave Mast

The team from Troy Miller Agency created a Christmas tradition that inundated Santa’s workshop by promoting a letter-writing campaign to Santa Claus at both its Shreve and Berlin locations.

Santa’s helpers visited area schools to promote the event and invite children to write letters to Santa.

The children were invited to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, ask questions about the North Pole and his elves and deer, offer travel advice, and describe what they would leave for him as a treat on Christmas Eve.

Families and teachers were then invited to drop off their letters at either location, where Christmas mailboxes adorned the front of each building.

With hundreds of letters coming in, Santa was a busy man, making sure to respond immediately to each child, oftentimes within a day or two of receiving the letter.

In his letter of reply, Santa wrote about how busy the season was, commending each child on being good and asking them to get to bed early on Christmas Eve. He even added that the children leave carrots and water for his reindeer. In addition, each response came with an official North Pole Certificate of Good Behavior, which qualified each child for the Nice List.

Not only did the kids get a chance to write letters to Santa, but also this event allowed teachers to create educational opportunities for their classes. Some teachers made their own letter formats while others had the kids create their own letters.

“We hope this made for a fun time for the teachers to get creative and make Christmas even more special for their students,” Miller said.

Felicia Hay, marketing specialist for Troy Miller Agency, said creating an opportunity for the kids to share their thoughts with Santa goes together with the company’s desire to connect with the community.

“At the very beginning of this, we were inundated by letters, and it was awesome,” Hay said. “We always connect with Santa and make sure he understands how important it is that the kids get an immediate response.”

Santa understands that and makes a return response a priority, providing a certified letter straight from the North Pole to each child.

Santa said he, Mrs. Claus and his elves had a grand time reading the letters, and all were touched by the kindness and eagerness the kids displayed in their letters.

“Like Santa, this became a priority for us this Christmas, and we enjoyed every minute,” Hay said.

The campaign, along with the Christmas light show at both offices, helped create a Yuletide glow for families.

“The community has given us a lot, and it’s a great community,” Miller said. “We are so thankful for the relationships we have built in our communities, and I never want to lose that sense of gratitude because the people of our community are who truly make us who we are.”

Miller’s insurance agency has shown a knack for helping people, but it seems they have developed a true passion for touching the lives of kids. An annual Easter Egg Extravaganza, supporting the Holmes County Junior Fair kids and now the letter-writing campaign all show a sense of loyalty to families and children.

Miller said his employees at both branches have expressed zeal in participating in the letter-writing campaign, and he said it takes a concerted effort on everyone’s part to pull it all together.

“I think it is designed for the children, but it really does our hearts good to come together and work on this project,” Miller said. “I think all of us want to make this something that creates a sense of joy and wonder in the kids.”

Miller said the only way this campaign can happen is through the diligence of his staff. He said it is through their heart for kids and their compassion to serve the community that it is possible.

“This is about all of us, from our staff to the community and especially the kids,” Miller said. “It’s something that kind of unites us and makes Christmas a little more fun for all of us.”

Hay said the spirit of Christmas starts at the top, where Miller shares his passion to connect with the community with his staff.

“Troy is so enthusiastic in serving others,” Hay said. “That passion rolls right over into everyone in the company, and we all come together to make this a big deal.”

In addition to the letters and lights, members from the company helped Christmas in Shreve celebrate by providing photo opportunities for kids to have their picture taken with The Grinch.

“December is a big month for us, and it is inspiring to see that everyone we work with has such a joy for this and shares a passion to be a part of it all and represent Troy Miller Agency,” Hay said. “We love being able to lend a hand to Santa because we know he’s busy at this time of the year.”

Miller said while he may own an insurance company, what he sees is much more than that. He said building a company that focuses on the people more than the numbers is what brings joy to their hearts.

“I think a lot of Holmes County businesses feel that way,” Miller said. “You see a lot of this type of commitment and support year around, and that is why it is such a blessing to live in this area. For us, it’s not business. It’s all personal.”