Carroll County District Library purchases two book sanitizers

Carroll County District Library  purchases two book sanitizers

The Carroll County District Library has purchased two book sanitizers.

The sanitizers were purchased from the International Library Services Company, using funds received from the Federal Coronavirus Relief Fund under the CARES Act. The machines sanitize up to six books at a time in 30 seconds; therefore negating the need to quarantine items for 72 hours.

UV-C light and high air pressure kills pathogenic bacteria, and can sanitize books, laptops, tablets, DVDs, hot spots, and more. There is also a deodorizing feature and dust removal for items.

The library was previously placing all materials in tubs that had to be quarantined for 72 hours. Materials were not able to be checked in until after the quarantine period.

With a machine at both the main library and the Malvern Branch, staff is able to get materials ready to re-circulate much faster.

“We want the community to feel safe checking out materials from the library,” said Director Ellen Finnicum.

These sanitizers have been officially LAB tested against the virus responsible for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and proven to kill 99% of the virus present.

The book sanitizer has the advantage of combining two disinfection systems. The first is germicidal Ultraviolet C radiation and the second is an air current that blows particles towards a HEPA filter thereby preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria out of the machine compartment.