Council hears why levee work delayed again

Council hears why levee work delayed again

Image Credit: Lori Feeney

At the Zoar Council meeting on Dec. 12, Mayor Scott Gordon informed council that work on the levee is being delayed. The reason is the soil mix test the contractor for the levee work conducted did not meet the specifications required by the Army Corps of Engineering. More testing will need to be conducted before the Corps can move forward with repair work.

Gordon said he asked the Corps’ project manager how many tests would have to be done and how long the delay might be. According to Gordon, the answer was it is up to the contractor to meet the specifications.

New samples were taken late last week. If the soil mixes do not meet the requirements, another test trench may need to be dug.

In other news Gordon said he attended the Lawrence Township trustees’ board meeting, and both parties agreed there was not much interest in providing sewer lines to Cherry Hill among the residents who live there. Gordon said he sent a letter of thanks to the residents who participated in the survey regarding whether or not to conduct a feasibility study to see if sewer lines should be provided to Cherry Hill.

Gordon also reported the following:

—The planning commission is working with the new owners of a home regarding roofing and approved the replacement of windows on another home.

—A large tree top that came down during a storm was removed from the cemetery, and no grave stones were damaged.

—The township will leave the compost site open year round because a lot of leaves dropped late this year.

—Zoar Community Association was thanked for a successful Christmas in Zoar event.

Street commissioner David Irwin reported a problem with people parking on the sidewalk in front of the Tin Shop during Christmas in Zoar. Irwin asked Bolivar police officer Jeff Stearns what the fine is for parking on sidewalks. Stearns said it is whatever the Municipal Court charges, which he thinks is around $120-$140.

Irwin also said the truck has been winterized, but he did have to purchase some parts and has turned the invoice into Lehmiller. A crab apple tree also will have to be removed on Main Street.

Safety committee chair Tom Klingaman said he has been working with AEP about the possibility of increasing the lighting at First Street and Main Street. AEP will evaluate the situation and perform any needed repairs or upgrades to the three light poles there. Tree branches were trimmed there, but the area is still dark. Klingaman said they discussed the possibility of using LED lighting, but AEP is not able to do that yet.

Law director Doug Frautschy reported receiving the final approval on the vacation of West Street in order for the Corps to perform levee work.

Public comments

New resident Gail Garbrandt asked if village council had given any further consideration to possibly getting historic markers for homes that lie within the historic district. Gordon said the historic preservation committee discussed it but had not made a definite decision yet. He also informed Garbrandt of some of the options if individual homeowners want to proceed with purchasing their own markers. Garbrandt said she will look into it but didn’t want to do anything if council had plans in the works.

In legislation

Council approved a motion by President Gayle Potelicki that all future ordinances and resolutions be drawn up by the law director. Council also approved the following ordinances:

—For temporary appropriations in the amount of $130,070.

—To reallocate funds in the amount of $500 for the township compost bin.

—To increase appropriations for fiscal year 2022.