New Phila seeks public input on zoning code

New Phila seeks public input on zoning code

Image Credit: Lori Feeney

Mayor Joel Day announced the City of New Philadelphia has embarked on a project to update its zoning code, which he said has not been comprehensively updated in more than 20 years.

The zoning code update is intended to modernize the city’s land-use regulations, which address how buildings and properties should be designed and used while also helping to implement the recommendations of the city’s various planning efforts.

As part of the process, the city is inviting the public including city residents, property owners, business owners and visitors to participate in an online survey. The purpose of the survey is to gather feedback on the current perceptions of zoning and development within the city.

The responses to the survey will be used to help craft a zoning code audit, which will provide an overview of proposed major changes to the zoning code. The survey also will help determine an approach to take when updating the code.

Following the development of the audit, the city will hold a public meeting to present the recommendations and hold a discussion about the proposed changes. Day said all are invited to participate in helping develop zoning that meets the vision for New Philadelphia’s future.

“The zoning audit will help with the implementation of the city’s master/vision plan, as well as identify ambiguity and inconsistencies in the city’s current zoning code,” Day said. “The goal is to have a revised code in place that is easier to understand, reduces the need for zoning appeals and provides stronger guidelines for land use in the city. With the economic growth that’s occurring in the city, now is the time to look at our zoning code and make revisions that will help sustain the growth.

“The zoning audit will also assist the city planning commission with new developments and the redevelopment of properties like Joy/Howden and those in the downtown area.”

The link to participate in the survey is