Mashfactory tryouts at new Massarelli baseball complex

Mashfactory tryouts at new Massarelli baseball complex

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Tryouts for the Massarelli Baseball School’s Mashfactory travel teams are taking place at the new complex in Wilkshire Hills. The school fields teams for players age 11-18.

According to Dave Schaub, a partner and coach for the school, while the new complex is not completely finished, it has been used for team practices as often as three days a week since this spring.

Tryouts are taking place through July 27 with a makeup day on Aug. 1. A schedule of tryouts, which are organized by age group, can be found at under the Tryout Info tab or by linking to the application from the Massarelli Baseball School Facebook page.

“Mashfactory teams are looking for serious ball players,” Schaub said. “The freshman and sophomores on our teams are looking to play varsity baseball as soon as possible. Juniors and seniors are preparing to play college baseball. So it’s not for those who are doing baseball once or twice a week. They're working out on their own. They're taking lessons. They're lifting weights. Those are the kids we are geared up to help.”

Mashfactory teams are busily racking up a successful year with the 13u team for 13-year-olds recently taking the 2022 USSSA Ohio State Championship in the open division. In addition, Schaub said the 13u and 14u teams also have won tournaments this year.

“Nick Drabick’s 12u team also won the state championship at the highest, most competitive level,” he said.

Mashfactory coaching is serious business. “All the coaches that are part of our program have, at minimum, played four years of college, if not played or coached professionally,” Schaub said.

John Massarelli, the school’s president and owner, pitched for a Houston Astros team in 1987 and has been inducted into the University of Akron Athletic Hall of Fame, the Greater Akron Amateur Baseball HOF and the Stark County Baseball HOF.

Schaub described the tryout process. “All the infielders will throw across the diamond from the shortstop position. Outfielders will field five balls and throw in. And then we give them all an opportunity to hit on the field off of a coach,” he said.

All applicants also are evaluated on their running ability with those seeking catcher or pitcher positions having to perform specific tasks.

“We’ll throw catchers balls in the dirt to block and have them throw balls down to second base, in addition to having them catch a number of different pitch styles,” Schaub said.

Schaub said the Mashfactory teams are established and very successful. “We want our teams to be challenged, so we always seek out the best games we can play. We will lose games here and there, but we certainly win our fair share as well,” he said.

As for when the complex will be completed in total, Schaub said he could not provide a date. “We’ve had some hiccups along the way and changes to the plan,” he said. “The reason we are not open yet is because of supply-chain and construction delays.”

Hopes are high the complex will be finished soon and hosting games, baseball lessons and visitors to its restaurant.

The Massarelli Baseball School complex is located at 1041 Arrowhead Road NE in Bolivar.