Step-parents add to a child’s life

Step-parents add to a child’s life

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Hi kids! Just a reminder, the summer reading program is in full swing at our library! The theme for this year is Tails and Tales.

Do you know what a safari is? If you don’t, you’ll learn all about it at the library. Calendars will be provided for future events. Watch for them at the library! Your reading program is a great way to start your summer don’t you think? Another fun event in the month of June is Father’s Day! Just so you have a heads up, it is Sunday, June 20. And it is also the first day of summer!

When I read this book for you, I found it to be very enlightening. To be honest, I never thought much about stepfathers or stepmothers. I didn’t have to. I had my own natural mom and dad. Also, when I was a kid, I didn’t know anyone who had a stepparent. I enjoyed this story. The little girl shares the difference between her dad and her pop. They look very different and enjoy many different things, but one very important thing they have in common is the same, they both love her.

With Father’s Day coming up very soon, if you have a dad and a pop, have fun with both! When you think about it, the more people we have in this world who loves us, how happy it makes us feel. You know what it feels like to be loved, all warm and fuzzy inside. That love can be shared with those around you. Remember, love is free! Pass it on!

Until next time, Have a Happy Father’s Day and a fun and safe summer!

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Sherry Kline Bolitho

Children’s Book

Title: An Ode to Fathers & Stepfathers. Dad and Pop

Written by Kelly Bennett

Illustrated by Paul Meisel

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Age group: 8-Adult

Price: $15.99

Available at the Carroll County District Library

The author of this story has two children, Max, and Lexi. The loving relationship they have with their fathers inspired this story. For example, dad likes to fish, pop is a fish. He likes to swim. Dad and I play sports, pop and I play games. You get the picture. Fun colorful illustrations bring to life all the activities they share.