Vote like the earth is depending on it

Vote like the earth is depending on it

Letter to the Editor,

Nature is so much smarter than we humans are. If you watch David Attenborough’s “The Green Planet,” airing on Wednesdays on PBS, you quickly see how it is futile to think we can control nature, though we can surely help or hinder nature.

Today as I walked uphill on the concrete street from my community garden plot to home, my arms laden with vegetable bounty, panting in the heat, I stopped for a rest under the cool shade of a tree and was quickly refreshed. Yet folks in many parts of Wooster are cutting down and chopping limbs off of healthy shade trees, instead of letting trees help save on our air-conditioning bills, filter the air of harmful pollutants and give back oxygen so we may breathe.

As the earth’s atmosphere continues to heat up from global warming caused mostly by humans’ overuse of fossil fuels, trees are our allies in this fight for survival. Where we live has not yet experienced the most severe effects of climate change, and we are spoiled by moderate weather, taking the way it is today for granted. We can see the occurrences of extreme weather around the world. It is time to wake up and start acting ahead of worse changes coming soon.

Two actions you can take right now are learn more and participate in the Wooster chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby at and please vote for candidates you are confident will work to preserve our Ohio environment. Whoever is elected to state office on Aug. 2 is up to you. Vote like the earth depends on it.

Adriana Dryer


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