Young man exemplifies what Christmas spirit is all about

Young man exemplifies what Christmas spirit is all about

Letter to the Editor,

My name is Terri Singer, and boy do I have a story to tell. Every year as we grow older, we seem to believe less and less in the Christmas spirit. But this year I caught a glimpse of what Christmas is all about.

I personally know one of Santa’s special elves. He doesn’t wear pointed shoes or bells, but he makes it a point to deliver gifts to children in the Wooster area. His name is Harrison Alexander, and he has his own Christmas Magic fundraiser every year. He creates handcrafted items he sells to raise money to make Christmas wishes come true. Harrison is quiet and unassuming, but his heart radiates through his smile. It’s big and solid gold — probably made with candy canes too.

Over the last five years, Harrison has spread his “magic” to numerous children of all ages in hopes they know Santa doesn’t forget them on Christmas (Santa never forgets). His joy comes from finding them their biggest wish-list items. Harrison now is a sophomore at Wooster High School, and his spirit only grows with each year.

So if you don’t believe in Santa, guess again. His spirit is alive and well! I happen to know this for sure.

Terri Singer